A Little Cold Water and The Donald Shrivels

by R. Hurst on May 5, 2011

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One of the many tertiary benefits of the events of this last week is that it completely exposes the ridiculousness of… crap… what’s his name… oh yeah, Donald Trump. Any attempt to delegitimize the President now seems even more idiotic and racist. “But hey, I want to see the President’s school records!” Why? Is there any doubt that the President is far more competent than even his least vocal critic might believe?

We’ve seen this movie before. The President refuses to play the short game – his base gets mad at him for not fighting back – his critics in their constant pursuit of attention try to outdo one another – then the President parries their most ridiculous move and exposes them as frauds. He did it to Hilary – remember when she was trying to undermine the democratic process by relying on party insiders for the nomination? He did it to John McCain and Sarah Palin – as they were accusing him of “palling around with terrorists” he was being endorsed by Colin Powell, Lawrence Eagleburger (former Secretaries of State) and Ken Duberstein (former White House Chief of Staff), all Republicans. And so on and so forth…

I wonder when his opponents will stop misunderestimating him and realize that he is not going to waste his time refudiating every single one of their idiotic claims about his capacity and legitimacy. (See what I did there?) Can we all at least agree now that he is more than capable of being an effective military and political leader? Can we at least all agree that he is more than capable of managing an economy, the legislative process and covert military action? The man has passed some of the most significant legislation in a generation. He has brought the Iraq war to a close and will soon bring to close the war in Afghanistan (this is an assumption based on his past adherence to the Iraqi withdrawal deadline). He called the shots on the killing of bin Laden (action that will likely help wind down the war in Afghanistan and make reconciliation between the current Afghan government and the Taliban more likely). Agree with him or not – the man is more than qualified and capable of being not just an effective President, but one of the most effective Presidents in the modern era.

Obama’s opponents do more harm to themselves long-term by refusing to engage in the debate where it really matters. Instead of focusing attention on birth certificates and college records (or the ever more ridiculous notion that he did not write his own book) the Republicans could at least attempt to engage in the battle of ideas. If they don’t they risk not only elections in the near term, but elections for the next generation. When the dust settles – what will the smart people be saying? Will they be saying that in the midst of two wars and a deep recession that the Republican party should have focused more attention on Planned Parenthood and NPR? Or will they be saying that based on the evidence there is only one party seriously concerned with governing?

Anybody who has read my blog before knows that I am not hiding the fact that I am a Democrat. This does not mean, however, that I do not want a robust debate. I want a strong Republican party – America needs a strong Republican party. But sadly that is not what we have right now.

The Republican party right now is in a place where serious candidates with significant accomplishments can’t get attention because a man with a fox on his head is shouting about birth certificates and college records. By releasing the birth certificate President Obama doused the fire in the Republican party with a bucket of cold water, he then threw another bucket on by confronting the issue head to hair at the White House Correspondents Dinner and finally stomped out the idiocy with a tremendous American success by killing our most symbolic enemy.

It is much more difficult to now dismiss the President as anti-American, suggest that he is a friend of terrorists or infer that he is incompetent. The Donald – literally and figuratively – has publicly shriveled and so has his support. And I say good riddance. May he, and those whom he typifies, never be given the attention they do not deserve again.

Once we rid ourselves of these circus reality show clowns we can allow the competent adults the opportunity to debate the ideas of real significance in public and in the media. And hopefully, one day and finally, have a robust debate about ideas that matter.

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